About us

Packaging is an art and that’s why Dekorownia. com offers a high variety of patterns and fabrics (made in Europe), guarantees quality and short production time.

Our offer is sent to wholesalers and merchant houses. We are technically prepared to fulfill even huge orders in short time. We are obliged to follow all designing trends in order to satisfy our existing and potential customers’ needs and tastes. You may find many patterns in our offer (from the classic to the most modern ones, from the sober to the flashy ones). Let us surprise your customer with our creativity.

Holidays, family celebrations, business events, conferences, promotion actions are the greatest occasions to be held in buyer’s memory. How to do it? Let’s give them a beautiful gift with a logo of your company, let them taste your delicious pralines taken from the most elegant box ever, print your thoughts and emotions on our ribbons, be imaginative! Communicate your good taste with us. The well-fitted bow or a ribbon made of the high-quality fabrics might be the encouragement to check what is hidden inside of the box.